[Event] Happy birthday : 10 years for Fedora Project ?

Charles-Antoine Couret renault at fedoraproject.org
Wed Jul 3 19:01:52 UTC 2013

I suppose everybody know that : in November, Fedora Core 1has been
released 10 years ago. It's an important day and with 20 versions, it's
a good occasion to celebrate.

With the French community, we suggested to interview contributors or
personality around the Fedora Project. Is it possible to plan this
operation together ? (not the only French community). Interview in
English with possible translation in another languages.
And every week after the happy birthday, one interview will display. So,
the pleasure will be longer.

Do you agree with this idea ? It's important to plan now because it's
necessary to have time for interview and translation.
Of course, it must be decided how many interviews, who will be
interviewed and the questions…

Why interviews ?
Fedora Project is a community project with many contributors and many
people who want to know the activity, future, history or another things
about the Project and these actors. It's a possibility to encourage
vocations and to obtain a and get good coverage.

I hope this idea will be appreciated by you.

Charles-Antoine Couret — Renault

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