Fedora Fliers

Jiri Eischmann eischmann at redhat.com
Wed Jul 17 14:58:12 UTC 2013

I've decided to organize production of Fedora fliers for specific target
groups because that's something I'd like to have for events at least in

I've already spoken with Matt Miller about a "Fedora in the cloud" flier
and he promised he would help me create the content.
I'm also thinking about other fliers:
Fedora for developers
Ruby on Fedora
Python on Fedora

The fliers shouldn't be overly informative. They should simply convey
several clear points why the target group should use Fedora and what
benefits Fedora can offer them. And a link to somewhere they can find
more information, download Fedora.

I think it's a kind of project that is much more effective to do in
person, so it would IMHO be a great idea for a Flock session where
developers from respective fields, designers, and people involved in
Fedora marketing can sit down and come up with something useful.
Anyone is going to Flock and would be willing to participate in such a


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