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> Hi,
> I've decided to organize production of Fedora fliers for specific target
> groups because that's something I'd like to have for events at least in
> I've already spoken with Matt Miller about a "Fedora in the cloud" flier
> and he promised he would help me create the content.
> I'm also thinking about other fliers:
> Fedora for developers
> Ruby on Fedora
> Python on Fedora
> ...
> The fliers shouldn't be overly informative. They should simply convey
> several clear points why the target group should use Fedora and what
> benefits Fedora can offer them. And a link to somewhere they can find
> more information, download Fedora.
> I think it's a kind of project that is much more effective to do in
> person, so it would IMHO be a great idea for a Flock session where
> developers from respective fields, designers, and people involved in
> Fedora marketing can sit down and come up with something useful.
> Anyone is going to Flock and would be willing to participate in such a
> session?

Yes - I am happy to help (though it would probably be on the Cloud stuff). 

I would bet that I could get Langdon White to help out on a Fedora for Developers pamphlet; he's (I don't think) on this list, so I'll beep at him and ask. :)

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