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On Mon, 2013-10-21 at 15:28 -0600, Pete Travis wrote:
> On Oct 21, 2013 2:01 PM, "Chris A. Roberts"
> <croberts at> wrote:
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> > Hi everyone,
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> > In today's meeting we talked about changing how we do meetings from
> just posting the minutes to the site, to doing a weekly recap. Nirik
> came up with this awesome suggestion and I +1 it. My thoughts are
> someone can come in and get a better idea of what has happened that
> week in just one spot rather than sort through all the meeting notes. 
> >
> > Thoughts or flames?
> >
> > Chris Roberts
> > Fedora Marketing/Websites/Videos/Infrastructure Team
> >
> >
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> I think a curated synopsis is a bunch better idea.  There's already a
> meeting-minutes list and archive for those that want to slog through
> it all, and frankly, posting the raw logs gives the impression of
> favoring quantity of content over polish.
> Of course, I say this as someone that probably doesn't have a lot of
> time for the effort.  I can come up with the copy for meetings I run,
> I suppose.

Indeed, it's a nice idea but it is a non-negligible amount of work for a
human to commit to. I used to do something similar for the QA FWN beat,
and it's not a five minute job; it'd probably be a few hours to try and
synthesize elegantly all the stuff that happened in a week of Fedora
project meetings...
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