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Gabriele Trombini mailga at
Tue Oct 22 11:07:20 UTC 2013

On 10/22/13 00:21, Adam Williamson wrote:

> Indeed, it's a nice idea but it is a non-negligible amount of work for a
> human to commit to. I used to do something similar for the QA FWN beat,
> and it's not a five minute job; it'd probably be a few hours to try and
> synthesize elegantly all the stuff that happened in a week of Fedora
> project meetings...

I think it would be nice identify people who wants be the connection 
between groups and marketing before starting doing this.

As Adam said (I can confirm because I did the same in my blog, 
drastically interrupted) it's very difficult taking time for summarize 
the weekly work, we all can do this for few weeks then time will be longer.

Isn't it the case to create a template somewhere in the wiki (or in the 
track) where informations could be filled in? A sort of guided 
information request that someone of the marketing team could then insert 
in the magazine, so the work will be subdivided.



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