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Wed Oct 30 06:31:23 UTC 2013

On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 08:44:47PM -0600, Mike Ruckman wrote:
> My thoughts initially (not sure if I actually *said* anything about it
> though) were to find some posts we liked, vote which we wanted to
> publish for the week then contact the person who wrote it and see if
> they minded. This might help out with people wanting to be part of
> marketing and the magazine. Was also thinking we could get a badge made
> for it :)

A badge for the editing, or people who had their post chosen? "Gold Star
Blog Post" or something might be cool. 

Not sure voting is necessary - if someone is taking point on this, we
should empower them to run with it, IMHO. (And if there's 2+ excellent
posts, why limit things? Re-running all of Planet would be excessive,
but if we find N+1 great posts in a week and the authors are OK with
reposts, then cool by me.)

> In response to Zoltan, I think the package selection is a great idea. I
> was actually pondering something similar. I've learned a great deal
> from the Python Module of the Week [1] and thought it might be fun
> (though time consuming) to do something with Fedora packages or tools -
> like deltaisos. Those are awesome.


> Test days I'm working to get more coverage of for sure. Good thoughts
> all around I think.

Yes please.


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