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Zoltan Hoppar hopparz at
Mon Sep 2 18:56:57 UTC 2013


 I had an idea, that maybe makes easier to use of the current usable
marketing set for every ambassador, that perhaps he. I would like to
create generic ambassadors marketing set and place to a
repository/github for our ambassadors, for events - but I have not
really got full perspective to what should I put in, and how. I don't
really want to leave out something that can be important.

But also, when I mentoring new ambassadors, would be a nice to say
that they can fill the persistent storage of eg. a 4 gig pendrive, as
they have finished, and use it without any problems for their events.

Question is, if we create an generically usable, legally approved
event set for ambassadors, what they can sync and use it (print it
anytime in a print shop) - what is a good startup to everyone. I mean,
that would be great to

I assume we should put in pins design, 4F poster designs, flyers, and
such what can use the ambassador to get attention to the booth or for
our subprojects.

So, here are my questions:
- What should we put in as legally approved, anytime re-printable set
of artwork that an ambassador can use for his events?
- How we would like to provide this? As package - similarly as the
business card generator, or by a git, fedora people storage?
- How much poster, and flyer should consist a generically usable set
that can be translated, and used widely?



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