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Hey! this is awesome!!! is like if our brains were connected!!!

At flock we had a similar discussion where we talk specifically about this;
the main issue is that usually every country/region has a different
artwork, and even if creativity is completely awesome, sometimes is
easier/better to have a repo with the basic artwork stuff we would need and
with artwork that won't need translation.

We were also thinking about which items we should include... and I know I
deserve a scolding for not uploading yet a report about this issue, but
well... life happens.

I would be happy if you Zoltan, could give me a hand organizing the space
to put this together at the wiki, we might need a table with each item
listed so we can set a link for the png and source (in case it applies),
and also a final link at the bottom to attach a tar file with a full repo.

I know that once we have the data compiled somewhere, infra team will set
up some hosted space for everything, so is not in a personal account.

Anyway, I'm so happy to get some help with this and see that the scope is
the correct!

2013/9/2 Zoltan Hoppar <hopparz at>

> Hi,
>  I had an idea, that maybe makes easier to use of the current usable
> marketing set for every ambassador, that perhaps he. I would like to
> create generic ambassadors marketing set and place to a
> repository/github for our ambassadors, for events - but I have not
> really got full perspective to what should I put in, and how. I don't
> really want to leave out something that can be important.
> But also, when I mentoring new ambassadors, would be a nice to say
> that they can fill the persistent storage of eg. a 4 gig pendrive, as
> they have finished, and use it without any problems for their events.
> Question is, if we create an generically usable, legally approved
> event set for ambassadors, what they can sync and use it (print it
> anytime in a print shop) - what is a good startup to everyone. I mean,
> that would be great to
> I assume we should put in pins design, 4F poster designs, flyers, and
> such what can use the ambassador to get attention to the booth or for
> our subprojects.
> So, here are my questions:
> - What should we put in as legally approved, anytime re-printable set
> of artwork that an ambassador can use for his events?
> - How we would like to provide this? As package - similarly as the
> business card generator, or by a git, fedora people storage?
> - How much poster, and flyer should consist a generically usable set
> that can be translated, and used widely?
> Thanks,
> Zoltan
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