9-1-13 Marketing meeting minutes

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On Mon, 2013-09-02 at 16:09 -0400, Chris Roberts wrote:
> Minutes (text):
> http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2013-09-02/fedora_marketing_weekly_meeting_2092013.2... 
> 16:07:06

> Action Items
> ------------
> * mitxie croberts write an email to the announce list to attract more
>   contributors
> * mitzie croberts write an email to the announce list to attract more
>   contributors
> * have design create a magazine icon, after its created, add the
>   magazine project to the bottom of the wiki
> * mitzie open a ticket on the fedocal

I'm probably not going to be able to attend any meetings, being down
under here in Sydney. Would it be possible to begin re-using the trac
for the action items from meetings? I see a few benefits:

1. Folks that miss IRC meetings can see what tasks are being done and
where they can help out, and who to get in touch with

2. Since you're looking to improve recruitment, it'll be nice to have a
single list of tasks that folks can get started with, as opposed to them
mailing the list and trying to find out what they can do. The tickets
can also be marked as "easyFix" so they show up in the fedora easyfix
task list[1]. (We just need to ask infra to begin scraping from the
marketing trac. I could do that.)

3. Milestones can be added on the trac: we missed out on marketing
collateral last release because I woke up too late to realize no one was
working on them. Using milestones, each task can be tracked. For
instance, we could sync the marketing collateral task with desing and
doc teams and work accordingly. 

4. It might be possible to give folks badges for submitting articles if
these submissions are done via the trac. I don't think this can be done
if we have a mailing list for submissions. The badges seem like a great
idea to encourage folks to contribute.

One issue that I see is extra work:

- Someone has to create the tickets 

I think the extra work will be worth it in the long run though. 

The documentation project already does quite a few beats[2] for the
release notes. In the past, these beats were used to make marketing
collateral[3] for each release: pamphlets, flyers etc. May be it'll be a
good idea to keep up with the docs team since they spend quite a lot of
time tracking features for each release and could be a good source of
quite a few articles (maybe a "this release in Fedora series" kind of a

FAmSCo approved the addition of "add your event to fedocal!" to the "how
to organize a fedora event" wiki page[4]. I already did send a mail out
the the ambassadors list regarding this. I'll keep an eye on events in
APAC and ensure that it's done here. I'll request ambassadors from other
regions to do the same.

[1] http://fedoraproject.org/easyfix/
[3] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_collateral
[4] https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/351
Warm regards,
Ankur (FranciscoD)


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