9-1-13 Marketing meeting minutes

Chris Roberts croberts at cintrixhosting.com
Tue Sep 3 05:27:48 UTC 2013

Hi Ankur,

1. Folks that miss IRC meetings can see what tasks are being done and
where they can help out, and who to get in touch with 

           I agree with this, I will start putting action items in the Trac. Me and JZB were talking in IRC and found some other good uses for Trac, including using it for the magazine when an account needs created. JZB and me have went through and closed a lot of the old outdated tickets already, so it is ready for new ones to be made :)

2. Since you're looking to improve recruitment, it'll be nice to have a
single list of tasks that folks can get started with, as opposed to them
mailing the list and trying to find out what they can do. The tickets
can also be marked as "easyFix" so they show up in the fedora easyfix
task list[1]. (We just need to ask infra to begin scraping from the
marketing trac. I could do that.)

           That would be awesome if you could get that setup, especially since I foresee the marketing trac getting used more in the future :) That will be your #action item :)

3. Milestones can be added on the trac: we missed out on marketing
collateral last release because I woke up too late to realize no one was
working on them. Using milestones, each task can be tracked. For
instance, we could sync the marketing collateral task with design and
doc teams and work accordingly. 

This is a good idea as well, another good reason to use Trac :) 

4. It might be possible to give folks badges for submitting articles if
these submissions are done via the trac. I don't think this can be done
if we have a mailing list for submissions. The badges seem like a great
idea to encourage folks to contribute.

       This was brought up in the last meeting, Suehle was going to file a ticket in the badges trac, to see about getting badges setup for the magazine. I think its a good idea and a good way to welcome contributors. 

- Chris Roberts

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