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Joe Brockmeier jzb at redhat.com
Fri Sep 6 15:46:55 UTC 2013

On Thu, Sep 05, 2013 at 06:40:56PM +0200, Jiri Eischmann wrote:
> Jiri Eischmann píše v St 17. 07. 2013 v 16:58 +0200:
> > Hi,
> > I've decided to organize production of Fedora fliers for specific target
> > groups because that's something I'd like to have for events at least in
> > EMEA.

The nice thing is if we produce them, we will have them worldwide.

> > I've already spoken with Matt Miller about a "Fedora in the cloud" flier
> > and he promised he would help me create the content.
> > I'm also thinking about other fliers:
> > Fedora for developers
> > Ruby on Fedora
> > Python on Fedora

Fedora in the cloud seems like a good one, as does Fedora for
developers. I think "Ruby on Fedora" may be a bit too fine-grained. 

> > The fliers shouldn't be overly informative. They should simply convey
> > several clear points why the target group should use Fedora and what
> > benefits Fedora can offer them. And a link to somewhere they can find
> > more information, download Fedora.

So we'll need an online page to complement the flyer? 

> I'd like to ask about the fliers again.
> I know we discussed it at Flock and the tasks were assigned to several
> people. But I'm not sure if we set some deadline for it.

I don't think we did, no. I've created trac tickets for two flyers so

- Fedora for Cloud and Virtualization
- Fedora for Server

I think "Fedora for Developers" would also be a good one to have done by
end of this release cycle, but may not be needed by LinuxCon EU. Others
may disagree, feel free to speak up! 

> I really need fliers for LinuxCon Europe, especially cloud, server,
> virtualization topics because the event is very enterprise oriented.
> Do you think we can get them done in the marketing team by LinuxCon
> Europe (the end of October) or should I work on some alternative
> solution? I'm of course willing to help people with the tasks to finish
> it before LinuxCon.

Please add yourself to CC on the existing trac tickets and we can work
together on content. I can work on content, but I will need help with
actually producing something visually appealing. Volunteers?

Actually, it'd be wonderful if we had a template (maybe we do already?)
that that we could fit text into. 


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