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Zoltan Hoppar hopparz at
Sat Sep 14 12:26:06 UTC 2013


I know that we have run through several times of the start.fpo page,
but I think for F20 we need something that kicks, and I would like to
help to make it real.

The current start fpo page has not got any serious meaning, but I
think I have found a way to get improved. This is why I write this
mail to you, and hopefully you agree with me.

What I would like to achieve, that get this page more informative, and
central place to start to our resources.

We have awesome resources and tools, that IMHO should be on the page.
Now, here comes my idea. I would like to have one single rollable
static html that has been separated with the colors of the 4F. This
means 4 screen that vertically rolls down if you click on the navi

I have seen a great example for this at - where the backgound color provides
and separates multiple tools. I would like to use such design like
this, and then we have the ability to provide easy to access start
page not only for who has jumped in to fedora, else who has
experienced already.

I think we should provide more useful things, web based package search
field, QA, new packages RSS, fedora magazine, infra status, some
marketing news, badges can fit into this page. What I would like to
have, is something like that doesn't need to update often, but gives
marketing value, startup value, and better designed links into our start.fpo. With this, I think
everybody can set his neccessary subpage as startup page, and then no
need to search and hunt for links in the beginning, or after.



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