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Sat Sep 14 13:04:15 UTC 2013


We haven't talked lately, but I have added few toughts, and possible
elements to the wiki [1], and hopefully can be avesome. Feel free to
say thoughts.



2013/9/3 Zoltan Hoppar <hopparz at>:
> I'm really happy to see this get's real, and I can also work on this.
> I have checked the list, including the wiki page, and I would like to
> add more something.
> Somehow I would like to have a script, that runs a nation specific
> sync from repo. In my mind, this means the following SOP:
> A, Ambassador creates a live image with persistent storage (live image
> always handy on any machine to make demo) on a pendrive. I think the
> size of the device should be around 8 gigs, and with this can be
> enough to have a live multiboot spin, and the full marketing set. This
> way we can receive multiple things, as live usb station, rescue
> system, demonstration set, etc. It's only need to mount that
> persistent storage, and done.
> B, Installs a triggering package where it receives after install some
> other tools too as (it's only brainstorming from my side):
> - Business card generator rpm
> - Liveusb-creator generator rpm
> - Conference ID/Pass generator (it would be awesome to have a
> printable contributor pass - with coloring for main activity, name,
> country, and spoken languages. So when eg. flock comes, the other side
> of the sheet can be the event booklet (maps, infos) and event
> advertising.)
> - Empty Libreoffice impress templates for presentations, talks and
> Libreoffice Writer event report templates (Famsco can be happy if we
> follow a generic sheet template, and that can be attached to tickets,
> I think)
> - Live USB station poster
> - Official Fedora Social channels poster
> - Fedora Planet Advertising
> - Fedora Hosted Projects (yep we have it, but needs serious
> advertising - maybe webpage would be also great as highlighting
> projects of the month - join to the project page),
> - Contributor join poster, I mean join.fpo (invitation to join positions),
> - Generic quiz about Fedora and community as game for hats, mugs etc.
> (I have this, only needs translation, we use it effectively at HU, to
> gather and keep contacts, as we request end of the sheet for name and
> email address)
> - 4 F posters set (4 sheet)
> - Currently active projects poster(s)/flyers where we would like to
> the people pay attention (eg. per release features, IMHO it can be one
> page release note - but it would be better, if people know what is our
> main target, what is in our focus)
> - Talking points (as a guide at booth, maybe with etiquette)
> - Optional: Ambassador bi-weekly Meetings/Schedule calendar with
> marked dates (printable), super key sticker sheet, and one generic
> easy to cut-out with scissors stickers sheet
> C, Ambassador is happy as select his extra tools, and ready to run the
> event after he/she finished in print shop.
> Sorry for long mail, maybe this is not all, but I don't want to start
> to fill wiki until we don't have talked everything. Opinions about
> section B?
> Thanks,
> Zoltan
> 2013/9/3 Chris Roberts <croberts at>:
>> Hi Tatica and Zolton,
>> I met with Tatica at flock during the marketing/design hackfest. She had me
>> start making a wiki page which would have all the downloads for the Fedora
>> Marketing Kit.
>> Here is a link to the page:
>> I would more and welcome some help Zoltan with getting this wiki page
>> complete. I have the link to Tatica's dropbox for the full package.
>> Tatica, Did you get the space from infrastructure yet?
>> - Chris Roberts
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PGP:  06853DF7

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