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Chris Roberts croberts at cintrixhosting.com
Sun Sep 15 22:33:30 UTC 2013


I have added the link to the Fedora Magazine to the start.fedoraproject.org useful links as a patch, once the websites team looks at it, it should be live, 
Thank you for suggesting that. +1 


Chris Roberts

>>> Dean Hunter <deanhunter at comcast.net> 9/15/2013 11:21 AM >>>
Please consider adding a "Useful Links" entry for Fedora Magazine (http://fedoramagazine.org) on the start page (http://start.fedoraproject.org).  I know there is a link at the bottom of the Fedora Project home page (http://fedoraproject.org).  But I prefer the start page because it provides a summary of new information; ex. Latest Announcements (which may be necessary but is not all that useful), and Planet Fedora (which I follow avidly). Having a Fedora Magazine link on the start page would make it very easy to go from the informal presentations of Planet Fedora to the formal presentations of Fedora Magazine.

Thank you for your time.

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