Marketing-trac: #140: Fedora 20 release flyer for developers

Joe Rauch rauchj at
Sat Sep 21 06:04:24 UTC 2013

Hi all,

Greetings! I have been watching the e-mail traffic for a while now, but have not yet introduced myself. My first distro of Fedora was Fedora 10. I love Fedora. 

I have a question that might be a stumbling block to those who might be considering leaving the mainstream OS lot permanently and switching to Fedora:

Does anyone know if Bug 877623 fixed now? This is the issue in which fedup does not verify online update sources and might be vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. For someone who is still using their first distro of Fedora and who is looking to upgrade, this bug could be a show stopper that might drive her/him away from Fedora. 

I read the comments in and it looks like the bug might have been at least partially fixed by a gentleman by the name of Will Woods. Confirmation of this resolution would be handy in marketing Fedora as secure. If it is indeed fixed, then the warning on the Fedup page ( should be removed as it might alarm people.

I am interested in what the rest of the group has to say about this.

I wish all a pleasant evening/day (depending on your respective time-zones).

clear skies,
Joe Rauch

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