Fedora Infrastructure Video Published

Chris Roberts Croberts at cintrixhosting.com
Mon Sep 23 01:03:40 UTC 2013

These have been added to the video section on the Fedora Magazine. I
have also added the join Fedora video as well. Nitesh also brought up he
has a lot of videos that are on Youtube that he has created. He is
working on getting them into categories, I think it would be awesome to
get them on the magazine site as well once he finishes. 
- Chris Roberts
> So finally Fedora Infrastructure Videos are ready and published and 
> credit goes to Ralph Bean, Attila Ökrös & Tatica.
> Videos are available on vimeo Fedoraproject 
> <http://vimeo.com/fedoraproject> channel .
> Fedora InfraGeneric <http://vimeo.com/74938318>
> Fedora InfraApps <http://vimeo.com/75025897>
> Fedora Videos might be growing slower but its growing strongly.
> It would be great if we can have more videos like this for other
> as that
> would help the new comers and users to understand things easily and 
> quickly.
> So what are you waiting for, lets make your own team video now.
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