F20 Alpha announcement & release notes

Robyn Bergeron rbergero at redhat.com
Mon Sep 23 14:46:11 UTC 2013

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> Hi!
> As the F20 Alpha is tomorrow, we need final text ready today to hand it over
> to people who do announcement (this time it's nirik). I'm not sure I'll make
> today's marketing meeting, so quick recap:
> I've done a quick review of current version - changed final release to early
> December, removed Vagrant change as it's not yet ready. The other Changes
> should be ok - marked as MODIFIED in Bugzilla. IRC chat posted down on the
> page is commented out now.
> One question - how do we want to reference Changes? When it's clear we talk
> about Changes (reference to ChangeSet), we should use it but we also talk a
> lot
> about features in the text...

I think using the word Features is largely okay. Changes can be features or just changes; it's a feature simply by virtue of the fact that we are choosing to feature that information in the release announcement :)

If there are just straight-up changes we are highlighting for some purpose (because it's really important to point out but not necessarily exciting marketing-ish things) then those are usually captured somewhere anyhow.


> Otherwise I think it looks good, thanks a lot. Formatting for email is still
> needed, Robyn usually does it.

Yup, I was going to show jzb how to do this while we were at linuxcon, but I can totally explain it to him today (it's pretty straightforward).

> Fedora_20_Alpha_release_notes already points to
> F20_Alpha_release_announcement.
> Thanks
> Jaroslav
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