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Hey all,

This is probably something marketing folks could help with if they were
so inclined. I also will do a short post on Fedora Magazine today about
this. It's a great "hey, I use Fedora and can contribute with a very low
barrier of entry" type thing. 

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Subject: The final push for the application installer in Fedora 20

In GNOME Software, we show a list of applications for each category
that we think are frikin’ awesome. Some have AppData[1], and some
don’t. For the ones that don’t yet have AppData it leaves the
responsibility of writing the long description to the Linux community,
where we can push the data back to upstream so that all the
distributions can benefit. So far we’ve had a superb reaction from
lots of upstream projects and a lot of descriptions have been merged.

For Fedora 20 we want all the awesome apps to have AppData, so users
can evaluate the application before installing it. It would add a
really nice bit of polish to the whole experience. If you can spare 5
minutes and want to help.

I’ve got another shared document that just needs a few details for
each application:

The list of awesome-but-unloved apps is: audacity, ardour2,
gnome-banshee, rosegarden, sound-juicer, doom, openarena, xonotic,
tremulous, btanks, frozen-bubble, quadrapassel, neverball, gnomine,
wesnoth, supertuxkart, redeclipse, lyx, gparted, virt-manager,
eclipse, gitg, monodevelop, blender, shotwell, octave, saoimage,
workrave, celestia, polari, pidgin, chromium, pitivi, vlc and

If you want to add any other apps there, please feel free, although I
would much prefer the AppData file to go upstream if you’re a
contributor or maintainer of a project. Remember, we can’t feature
applications on the front page that don’t have AppData, so that’s an
added incentive. I’d love to expose more people to blender for

There’s no way I can do all this myself for Fedora 20, so I really
need your help. Again. Thanks.


[1] http://people.freedesktop.org/~hughsient/appdata/
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