problems with facebook as a way to reach users

Jiri Eischmann eischmann at
Thu Apr 10 14:54:24 UTC 2014

Matthew Miller píše v Čt 10. 04. 2014 v 10:11 -0400:
> This is probably old hat to some of the social media experts here, but I
> found it enlightening, especially in light of recent comments about our
> presence there. <>
> It certainly mirrors my experience with the Facebook group -- lots of
> members, but very low engagement.

The video nails the situation very well.
Our communication channel on Facebook is completely dead. The heartbleed
issue, which is a very important announcement, only reached 2,000 people
out of 40,000 user base.
Yes, we can fight it by making the engagement higher manually (by
sharing the news), it's not going to help much and the trend is

It's not only a problem of pages. I myself as a normal user don't find
Facebook beneficial any more. I started using Facebook because I wanted
to stay in touch with friends that I met in summer camps, exchange
programs etc. But what I get in the news feed nowadays are messages from
the inner cycle of my friends (20-30 of them) and I'm completely cut off
from 300 others and most pages I follow. Instead of them, I get
"suggested" posts.

I'm considering to abandon Facebook for Twitter and G+ because I find
much more interesting posts there and I get what I want to get there.

I think we will have to follow a similar path in the end and focus on
communication channels where we can actually get some reasonable level
of engagement. Not mentioning that G+ and Twitter are generally more
popular among our target audience from my experience.


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