problems with facebook as a way to reach users

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2014-04-10 11:54 GMT-03:00 Jiri Eischmann <eischmann at>:

> The video nails the situation very well.
> Our communication channel on Facebook is completely dead. The heartbleed
> issue, which is a very important announcement, only reached 2,000 people
> out of 40,000 user base.
> Yes, we can fight it by making the engagement higher manually (by
> sharing the news), it's not going to help much and the trend is
> negative.
> It's not only a problem of pages. I myself as a normal user don't find
> Facebook beneficial any more. I started using Facebook because I wanted
> to stay in touch with friends that I met in summer camps, exchange
> programs etc. But what I get in the news feed nowadays are messages from
> the inner cycle of my friends (20-30 of them) and I'm completely cut off
> from 300 others and most pages I follow. Instead of them, I get
> "suggested" posts.
> I'm considering to abandon Facebook for Twitter and G+ because I find
> much more interesting posts there and I get what I want to get there.
> I think we will have to follow a similar path in the end and focus on
> communication channels where we can actually get some reasonable level
> of engagement. Not mentioning that G+ and Twitter are generally more
> popular among our target audience from my experience.

I agree 100% with you, Jiri, and I feel just like you regarding my
experience on Facebook.

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