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Sergio Agnes belcocco at
Fri Aug 1 08:31:07 UTC 2014

Hello to all.
I'm new to this mailing list and introduce myself.
In short:
My real name is: Sergio Agnes.
I was born in Milan (Italy) a long time ago in the january of year 1951
I'm an italian Geek.
I'm a FedoraLinux Distro Lover.
I really like all that things that GNU/linux Like.
I really like all the Open Source project.
I love the "fedoraproject mission". ;-)
I use linux for 15 years (various distros) and fedora from 5 years. 
I have helped in the past to translate in italian for distro "Sabayon linux" (like Gentoo).
I think I know FedoraLinux pretty well. 
I have a lot of free time that I would like to devote to the Fedora project. 
I would love to take care of events and everything that can serve the community to grow more and more. 
I like to work in one of the new projects (Cloud, Server, Workstation) to spread and increase knowledge users.
----- contact:
FAS user:belcocco
Email-1: belcocco at
GPG ID:1E7D56C6 RSA-4096
Member of the Marketing group
IRC: freenode: #fedorabelcocco
Forum contact:
nickname: idraulico
Email-2: at
GPG ID:35DE3E6E RSA-4096
IRC freenode:  #fedora-it 

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