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we are glad to welcome you as new contributor.

Do you have a FAS [1] account yet? 

If not, when done, you can join the marketing group clicking the apply button, then you 
can apply the magazine group as well.

A good starting point is the join page [2]

There'a a draft page where you can figure out what marketing have to do [3].

If you have any idea, feel free to post in this ML.

For any further information, don't hesitate, just ask.



[1] https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts
[2] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Joining_the_Fedora_marketing_project
[3] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/Tasks_and_roles

In data venerdì 1 agosto 2014 10:22:30, Madhurjya Roy ha scritto:
> Hello,
> I'm a 17 year old student looking forward to contribute to the Fedora
> magazine.
> A brief introduction of myself -
> I'm a high school student from India. Though I've been using Linux for
> just two years, I think I've gained considerable knowledge on Linux
> and Fedora. I've used Debian and Fedora for a year each and also
> tested various other distros like Ubuntu, Kali, DSL, Open Suse and
> SuperX OS (which is a distro created by some of my acquaintances). I'm
> greatly inspired by Open Source Softwares, the FSF and GNU/linux based
> OS. Fedora is my favorite distro, I really like the combination of
> simplicity/cutting edge system it provides in a beautiful and
> productive environment! After coming to know about the Fedora project
> in detail, I am, now deeply interested to contribute and have decided
> that the magazine is a good way to start!
> I therefore, request your approval and guidance to be a contributor to
> the Fedora magazine.
> Thank You.
> Madhurjya Roy

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