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Thank you Gabriele for clearing it up once again! I must confess, I'm quite delighted by the responsiveness and friendliness of this group :)

Madhurjya Roy

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In data domenica 3 agosto 2014 21:06:22, Joe Brockmeier ha scritto:
> On 08/02/2014 10:29 AM, Madhurjya Roy wrote:
> > I do appreciate your effort of providing me with the information 
> > could someone please clarify how one could be  an active 
> > if he's not let into a group?
> FAS group membership is not required to contribute. You can write
> articles, participate in discussions, help with flyers, and so forth
> without any need to be in the FAS group.
> Best,
> jzb

Yes, as jzb said, FAS is not required for contributing in each group of 
the Project.

FAS is useful for keeping track of people involved into groups, 
especially in Marketing group, because since long time people used to 
subscribe mktg group and then they disappeared.

Because of this, asking for membership and showing commitment is a 
way to consider a contributors as active.

Again it doesn't mean, as jzb says, that people can't do works 
although not members.

Obviously we'd like people increasing  to make this group increasing, 
for that we ask to follow the FAS way, joining the group, The Marketing 
group will follow the work and then will approve membership.

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