FLOCK coverage idea

Joe Brockmeier jzb at redhat.com
Wed Aug 6 14:00:09 UTC 2014

On 08/06/2014 03:54 PM, Matthew Miller wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 06, 2014 at 03:48:43PM +0200, Joe Brockmeier wrote:
>>> So, my idea here would be to do individual posts for each of the talks
>>> that we are going to cover at FLOCK. This approach will also make it
>>> easier to assign a specific talk to a writer so we don't have multiple
>>> people covering the same talk.
>> How do we feel about combining a few talks into one post?
>> I attended the keynote, a talk on QA and a talk on Copr so far today.
>> Already wrote up the keynote, but not sure I'm going to get a full post
>> out of the QA talk. Any strong objections to doing a post that looks at
>> more than one talk?
> I think combining them if they're related makes sense, but it's better to
> not combine QA and Coprs even if each result is short. (Headline the QA talk
> with the quote about Rawhide bugs _probably_ not being a demonic hand
> reaching out of the monitor to strangle you?)

I must have missed that bit. I was thinking if we combine coverage we
might draw more attention to talks than shorter individual posts, but


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