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Zoltan Hoppar hopparz at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 17:12:17 UTC 2014

Hi Chris and everybody,

Fedora People storage wouldn't be good? It's public, yet not perfect.
I think the best would be to pull up a complete site, what we can call
Fedora $Whatnot, so flyers and printable banners, press kit, and so on
-  a suggested kit would be available for every ambassador. As you
know I am mentoring too, and currently I can't give anything to the
new ambassadors, that we can say that "dude, you are allowed to use
these for events". There was also a nice tradition called Personal
event box - and that would be also a nice touch if we got a hub.
Furthermore: I am jealous to the Firefox mozzila press site -

Not only because they are solved in a single hub to have press kit,
press center, else - they added requests for specific event speakers,
media library (altough we have also video team, and some materials),
.... it would be great to have this....

2014-08-13 18:58 GMT+02:00 Chris Roberts <chris.roberts at croberts.org>:
> Hi Pravin,
> Yes, we are going to do it by Fedora release.
> - Chris Roberts
> Hi,
> Yes that is fine to be on the mailing lists since they are completely different. We encourage people who are not in the FAS group to be on the mailing lists to share their thoughts on topics and to keep up with what is going on in the group.
> Fair enough.
> Deciding period of no activity is important. May be particular Fedora release?
> Regards,
> Pravin Satpute
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