Fedora Marketing meeting #2

Chris Roberts chris.roberts at croberts.org
Fri Aug 15 12:16:12 UTC 2014

I will gladly attend, Gabri is going to write up the agenda since I have become very sick after I got back. I will mark my days on the calendar.

- Chris Roberts

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In data venerdì 15 agosto 2014 01:35:17, Zacharias Mitzelos ha scritto:
> I know that croberts and mailga were working on the new Marketing 
> wiki page[2], so croberts is something that you would like to add 
> the meeting? Also I think that you mentioned that you have worked on 
> meeting agenda, if so, could you add the wiki link of it here?

Yes, Marketing roles and tasks page is only a proposal, it needs some 
adjustments but I think could be an idea, in order to keep track of users 
without changes into the Fas.

If Chris has already worked to an agenda, I'll add some points, otherwise 
I'm available to write out one.


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