Marketing meeting minutes & discussion 26-08-2014

Gabriele Trombini (mailga) mailga at
Wed Aug 27 08:43:04 UTC 2014

In data martedì 26 agosto 2014 18:44:47, Joe Brockmeier ha scritto:

> What's the difference between an administrator and contributor in, 
> the "releases schedule" group?

In this case there's no difference, only a bad use of term 
"administrator" and copy/past did the rest. 
Fixed and added jzb ;-)

I think the term "administrator" is correct for the magazine group, due 
to the different way to handle.

> Note that the marketing tasks we have are already on the big list of
> tasks for each release (see:

Added this task on the release schedule section and added myself in 
the contributor list as well.

> We need someone to coordinate these things. Note that we're 
> behind (mea culpa) on talking points, marketing wiki pages, etc.
> I'll try to draft the first cut of talking points this week.

You're a coordinator, so you can split up job for us.

> No objection, but an observation: Meetings are good for check-ins 
> such, but I find the mailing list and Trac to be way more effective for
> actual getting stuff done. I'm good with keeping the meetings but I
> wouldn't rely on those as the primary mechanism for organization.

IMHO meetings are good to take a look to the "status quo" of stuff to 
be done, as you said, but the flowing discussions have to be posted in 
the ML and work in progress in the trac (e.g. when a step is done, not 
for everyday questions).

> Best,
> jzb



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