Marketing meeting minutes & discussion 26-08-2014

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Also didn't have this on my schedule and I'm sorry I missed it. Will try to catch the next one, or please let me know if there are action items I can help with.
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> Subject: Marketing meeting minutes & discussion 26-08-2014
> Hello everyone,
> We had a Marketing meeting today in #fedora-meeting. Only 3 people
> attended, mailga, MarkDude and me.
> We hoped to vote on some stuff in the meeting, and since only 3 members
> attended, we will continue the discussion in the list, so everyone will
> have to chance to comment ;)
> 1)In the last meeting in late July, we went over different roles that
> people can take on, and mailga with croberts have made a draft wiki page
> with the different groups and coordinators/contributors of each
> group[1]. Any comments on that? Anyone that would like to contribute and
> join a group?
> 2)We also discussed the option of having bi-weekly (for now) marketing
> meetings again, and as the F21 release is approaching, we could organize
> weekly meetings. That will help us be more organized, knowing what needs
> to be done until the launch. Any objections?
> The meeting minutes can be found here[2]
> [1]
> [2]
> Thanks,
> Zacharias
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