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#186: Fedora 21 flyer for workstation product
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Comment (by ankursinha):

 Replying to [comment:6 iambryan]:
 > +1 to QR stickers for each event
 > For the flyer, my (coinflip) humble opinion is that we should consider
 two things. First is that on the back of the page, we should always have a
 major feature at the top of the middle section since it'll be the back of
 the folded flyer.

 We could do this - shouldn't be too difficult. I've copied the layout from
 the old fedora generic flyer which had the "mailing lists and irc" etc.
 information at the back for this draft version.

 > My second concern is that we should have either a serif font (for easier
 on paper reading) or a clean (i.e. Liberation Sans or similar), sans-serif
 as the copy text font.

 Ah, makes sense. I've made some versions with other fonts too:

 - cantarell -
 - latex default, so computer modern -
 - nimbus-sans, an improved version of helvetica (which is supposed to be
 the best font for printing apparently) -

 > I'd take a stab at an edit, however I've never used latex and I would
 guess I would end up making a complete mess out of an attempt to move
 anything around.

 Well, it's actually really easy, and the worst mess you'll make is that
 some text won't show. I'll write up a README documenting how one can
 tinker with the file :)

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