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Madhurjya Roy roymadhurjya at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 04:44:57 UTC 2014

I agree, this is quite frustrating. And it's not just reviews, even
some new users say so. I installed Fedora on one of my friend's laptop
trying to convince him that it is much better than his illegal copy of
Windows 7.

Guess what? He called me two days later saying that he couldn't find
any good software on the GNOME software center. He was also unable to
watch his movies or listen to his MP3 music. I told him over the phone
to follow the instructions on rpmfusion's website and install the
repository. But he couldn't, he'd never even seen a command line
before and so, he messed up. He later brought it to me and I installed
rpmfusion (for VLC Media Player and the other non-free software he
would need) and also loaded WINE (something a Windows user for years
would probably need). He hasn't complained since and now he says that
he likes the new look. You might say that my friend is dumb but aren't
all NORMAL *Windows/OS X* users like this?

I started my journey on Linux with Ubuntu and since then I have
switched to Fedora. I still have Ubuntu on my home PC, though. I was a
NORMAL Windows user at first and I have struggled too! Well, I agree
that the struggle was worth the new things that I got to learn but we
must realise that there are people (most of the people) just need to
get  their job done.

This is where I think Linux distros should put a bit more effort.
People still relate Linux to developers, sysadmins and servers.  I do
embrace Open Source projects and Fedora's freeness, but what I do
believe is that a simple button on the software center to enable repos
like rpmfusion (just for those who want) shouldn't hurt. A simple step
like that could make the OS more appealing  to a potentially huge
market and maybe someday Linux would overtake OS X or even Windows in
terms of popularity.

Please be aware that I am just trying to put the common people's
viewpoint. This is just an opinion and not any sort of destructive
Last, I would like to express my sincere apologies, in case I have
offended someone.

Madhurjya Roy

On 28/12/2014, Scott Dowdle <dowdle at montanalinux.org> wrote:
> Greetings,
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>> Full review on
>> http://distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20141222#fedora
> Almost every Fedora review for the past umteen years has ended with this
> type of summary (I paraphrase):
> "Fedora is great but they don't include all of the proprietary stuff you
> want."
> Even the Linux Action Show, with all of their praise for Fedora...
> complained that even though using the third-party rpmfusion repo is easier
> than ever... more proprietary stuff is built for Ubuntu(-based) than
> Fedora... so they just can't install all of the proprietary software like
> they want.  Argh.  It is so frustrating.
> Sometimes I just feel that we can't win. :(  Oh, and no I don't want to
> abandon free software ethics to fix those issues... not that Red Hat legal
> would let us even if we wanted to.
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