Proposal for posting in Fedora Magazine

Mailga mailga at
Mon Feb 3 22:11:18 UTC 2014

Hello Marcel, glad to see you here.

> Il giorno 03/feb/2014, alle ore 22:40, Marcel Ribeiro Dantas <ribeirodantasdm at> ha scritto:

> Apart from that, regardless of deciding to post it or not, should we consider updating the Magazine with this sort of content?

Not really, IMHO.
I think fedmag should be Fedora related and a topic written from a RH-Centos point of view isn't the best choice.
We should publish every kind of post or topic with each sort of opinion (excluding religion/politics contents) but from a Fedora point of view.
So content it's fine, but you should turn the topic to Fedora way.



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