a fedora.next marketing question

Ruth Suehle rsuehle at redhat.com
Wed Feb 12 22:55:24 UTC 2014

>  * "High bar, need to show a distinct problem space". The three initial
>     products are basically all areas we want to cover, and they don't really
>     overlap. This approach says that for a new primary product to be added,
>     there should be a new, separate problem space to tackle -- there
>     shouldn't be internal competition, and users should easily find the
>     product that matches their needs without going through a "choose your
>     own adventure!" process.
>  * "Low bar, need to show viable resources to do the work". The idea here
>     is that if someone wants to contribute to working on something in
>     Fedora, and can demonstrate that they can pull it off, we should
>     promote it. I think this camp recognizes that it makes the web site
>     more complicated, but judges supporting our contributors to be more
>     important.
> So, marketing team people: what do you think? Which is the right general
> approach? If we do the second thing, does it dilute our ability to deliver
> the Fedora Message? How can we overcome that? Other questions? Other
> answers?

>From the perspective of marketing things, I'm not sure they're particularly different. If I understand what you're asking, serving these "products" doesn't detract from a Fedora message any more than marketing RHEL prevents the company from having an overall Red Hat message. But I'll just add some notes:

- I'm still concerned about the Red Hat point of view on using the word "products" for Fedora things. 

- We are already understaffed, so to speak, as a marketing team. We may be able to sort-of serve three things, but if we're going to be adding anything that someone "can pull off," we just won't be equally serving everyone. 

If I had to vote, I'd thus be inclined to lead towards the high bar option. 


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