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On Fri, 2014-02-14 at 07:51 -0600, Joe Brockmeier wrote:
> I'm in the "low bar" camp, depending on the definition of "promote"
> here. For example, we currently "promote" spins on the Web site, and I
> don't think that should change. The alpha/beta/final announcements can
> and should include mentions of spins and other work in Fedora even if
> it's not it's one of the Three Products.
> But we might say it's up to folks doing "other" work to come up with
> screenshots/copy, etc. if we're going to put them on the site/include
> in
> release announcements, etc.
> In other words - they'll need to meet the marketing team part-way and
> get involved if they want help promoting their work, but we shouldn't
> be
> refusing to promote anything done in Fedora if the team doing the work
> is willing to take those steps.

I'm with Joe on this. As long as we have people willing to work on a
specific area of marketing, we don't need to limit our focus. When the
products were discussed, an important point was that each team would
have liaisons in the product workgroups: ambassadors, designers,
marketers, testers etc.. In due time, I expect the worgroups to start
discussing marketing with us, quite like Matt brought this up.

We've already been trying to divide our work. For instance: some of the
marketing team focus on the magazine; I try and focus on tasks related
to ambassadors and keep up with the desktop SIG (which sort of makes me
a liaison with these two teams). If we can get just enough people
involved to divide our focus on the different products/spins/whoever
needs marketing we'll be just fine. The ideal situation would be to have
a few marketing team members working with each product/spin/ IMO.

I think the only issue here is that we're understaffed, so a starting
point would be to start a recruitment campaign of sorts to increase our
numbers? Ideas? Probably a different thread?
Warm regards,
Ankur (FranciscoD)


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