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If you hadn't already read it, the next step in Fedora.next is
"marketing the products":

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> Subject: Fedora Board Working Group PRD approval
> Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2014 19:37:57 -0500
> The Board has reviewed the PRDs for the Cloud, Server, and Workstation
> products and approves. While there are some reservations in certain
> areas, the overall goals of each product seem to be well thought out
> and an benefit to Fedora going forward. Thank you for taking the time
> to work through these issues.
> As a next step, the Board would like to see FESCo and the Working
> Groups discuss marketing of these products, both individually for each
> product and collectively as the Fedora project deliverables. The
> Board, FESCo, WGs, Marketing, Ambassadors and web sites team should
> come up with a broader marketing/branding plan to make the transition
> to a three main product deliverable world as clear and effective as
> possible. We look forward to working with these groups in the near
> future.
> -The Board
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