Meeting 6 January 2014

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Mon Jan 6 22:38:14 UTC 2014

Congrats on the new job! I'm sorry I'm not there to greet you for NHO, but I'm at, about as far away as I could possibly be. 

I think the next thing we all need to focus on as far as the magazine is getting the beats back together so we have a regular flow of content. I think I said I'd work on that? I'll try to look at it later today. 

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> Joe,

> I will not be able to make the meeting due to being in NHO at Red Hat. The
> only thing I have to bring up though is that the Fedora Magazine will be
> working shortly I have identified the issue with the migration and now am
> just working through fixing it. Also if suehle has any tasks that are needed
> I would be glad to help as usual :)

> There are some great new things I want to cover along with the magazine and
> get more teams involved for 2014.

> Thanks,

> Chris Roberts

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> Hi all,

> The first marketing meeting of 2014 takes place tomorrow (or today,
> depending on your time zone...)

> For more info, see this page:


> Best,

> jzb
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