problems with facebook as a way to reach users

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Fri Jul 4 09:41:41 UTC 2014

Matthew Miller píše v Čt 10. 04. 2014 v 10:11 -0400:
> This is probably old hat to some of the social media experts here, but I
> found it enlightening, especially in light of recent comments about our
> presence there. <>
> It certainly mirrors my experience with the Facebook group -- lots of
> members, but very low engagement.
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Just a little follow-up:
Google+ now also shows views of each post, so I made a little

* the number of views per post is around 4.5-5k on Google+, on Facebook
it's around 2k,

* variance is much lower on G+ where all posts have pretty much the same
reach while on FB it varies from 1.5k to 8k and it correlates with

* number of users: 20,073 on G+ and 40,600 on FB,

* post reach/use base is 24% on G+, 5% on FB, G+ seems to be much
efficient in this,

* posts that come with a link have bigger engagement, videos are
especially popular  ,

* Men vs Women: 93% vs 5% on G+, 92% vs 7% on FB, yeah, most of our
audience are men, I guess it's not surprising to us.

* Distribution by Age: 76% of all our fans on FB are between 18 and 34
while on G+ it's only 54% and the fan base is generally older.

* Countries: G+: 1. USA, 2. India, 3. Germany, 4. Brazil, 5. United
Kingdom, FB: 1. USA, 2. India, 3. Brazil, 4. Mexico, 5. Indonesia


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