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Zacharias Mitzelos zacharias.mitzelos at
Thu Jul 17 06:45:20 UTC 2014

On 17/07/2014 07:33 πμ, Ankur Sinha wrote:
> Hi,
> I just submitted a longish post on Ask Fedora for review to the
> magazine.  A couple of things:
> - the language may be just a little terse since I've copied chunks
> straight from the Ask Fedora Guidelines wiki page
> - the video won't embed properly in the preview.
> - the image is currently hosted at
> since I couldn't
> find a way to upload it to fedoramagazine. I'm not sure if this image is
> required in the post at all, feel free to remove it and/or add more :)
Hey Ankur,

I embedded the video in your post, please check that it is the way you 
want it. Your image seems fine the way you added it in the article, 
although there is a button 'Add Media' at the top of the post. When 
pressed, you can either choose an image from the archives, or upload one 
yourself, and eventually add it to your article.

Before you publish it, you need to choose a featured image (at the 
bottom right corner of the page). A featured image is necessary, because 
it will show in the front page of the Magazine

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