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Thu Jul 17 15:59:47 UTC 2014

> Il giorno 17/lug/2014, alle ore 17:36, Matthew Miller <mattdm at> ha scritto:
> I'm glad to see several people interested -- awesome! The last thing I want,
> though, is to have some sort of cage match over who gets a fancy team lead
> scepter, and I don't think marketing has ever been so formal that there's a
> process.
> How about scheduling a meeting where we can all get together and work out
> how we want to share responsibility (and what little authority there might
> be)? There's probably room for a co-leads, or rotating duties, or something
> else (maybe we even _do_ want to add more formality?)... just as long as
> we don't end up dividing and then rounding down to zero.

I like this way of doing.
Marketing is a strategic group for fedora and there's a lot of people too much silent (just like me).
It's time to figure out who's really interested not only to lead the group, but to share projects, activities and so on. 
I don't like the ones who list their skills or what they did in the past; I would love someone saying the way ahead.
I don't wanna be a leader of this group, I wanna give my aid in some way.
Marketing covers several aspects of promoting, and the best solution is to have an horizontal hierarchy.
I'll be glad to contribute in that way.
Gabriele Trombini
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