Sorry for any bounceback emails, my email was down but its back now

Chris A. Roberts croberts at
Thu May 29 17:08:45 UTC 2014

Hey Everyone,

Sorry if anyone got any bounceback emails from my email address. The place I had my email server hosted went down for 3 days, then everything got corrupted which took 2 days to get up and running. After another week of going back and forth trying to get the custom ISO images loaded up, I finally moved my email server (zimbra) over to where I have the rest of everything else hosted. Some stuff is slowly starting to come back in, but I am sure I missed out on some important stuff. If anyone would be kind to forward me anything that is of importance so I can catch up. I have been reading the archives but its always nice to have a hard copy. 


Chris Roberts (croberts on irc)
Fedora Marketing/Websites/Infrastructure

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