The future of Shotwell in Fedora

charles profitt fedora at
Tue Dec 1 04:36:50 UTC 2015

On Mon, 2015-11-30 at 16:27 -0500, Bryan Sutherland wrote:
> I have to agree with Paul. Perhaps it would be good to angle it as
> “With Shotwell being forked, it’s future in Fedora may be limited...
> These {X number of} replacement options are vying for top spot...”
> It would be great to include Darktable in with the options as well as
> it’s one of the most capable tools available to manage photos.

Thanks for the feedback. I was looking at it from a different angle
when writing it - more of a call to action for contributors to give
feedback. Let me look at the other angle and see how I can change the
point of view and add a few more options that have not been mentioned
in that mailing list discussion.

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