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#210: Magazine Categories - Reorganization?
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Comment (by jflory7):

 Replying to [comment:1 mailga]:
 > * editorial (more or less the 5FTW)
 > * introducing the teams (a sort of general explanations of the workflow
 of each group)
 > * interview (questions to someone tied to the Project)
 > * events (a storyteller talking about one or more events he attended)
 > * software (installation and use of one or more useful software)
 > * first steps (first we started to get more comfortable the use of the
 > * basic system (capabilities of the basic system e.g. services)
 > * advanced system (as above for advanced users e.g. kernel explanation
 and so on)
 > * "unknown" commands (use and usefulness of a command unknown to the
 > * craziness (fun stuff taken from the forum e.g strange or funny
 > * coming soon (preview of next release).
 So considering this list, here's a potential proposed list of new
 categories (mixed in with some of my own ideas), organized alphabetically.

 == Proposed Categories, rev. 1 ==
 * '''5 Things in Fedora This Week''' (no change)
 * '''(Fedora) Contributor Community'''
  * Articles about "the happenings" across the Fedora Project that are of
 interest to the entire Fedora user community (wider audience than
 * '''Events'''
  * Anything pertaining to events or real world happenings with Fedora
 (good place for Ambassadors to be engaged too…)
 * '''Hot off the press! / New in Fedora'''
  * Either name, depending on how serious we want to keep things. :)
  * For breaking news about major changes or updates about changes that
 ''directly impact users''
 * '''How do you Fedora''' (no change)
 * '''Interviews'''
  * Distinctly different from ''How do you Fedora''
  * Can contain any type of interview (example: Creating laser light shows
 with Fedora)
 * '''Using software'''
  * Slug: ''/software''
  * For how-tos / guides / walkthroughs of using software in Fedora
 * '''Using hardware'''
  * Slug: ''/hardware''
  * For how-tos / guides / walkthroughs of using software with Fedora

 I was wanting to scroll through our recent articles for more ideas, but I
 am unable to reach the Magazine right now… if I have more ideas, I'll
 pitch them later. For now, though, does this seem like a solid set of
 proposed categories? Any -1s on one of these?

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