What's up this week: 2015-12-07

Justin W. Flory jflory7 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 02:13:30 UTC 2015

=                           Quick Summary                             =
1) LetsEncrypt article content ready, needs image ASAP
2) systemd article finished + revised: little more (?) + image needed
3) Mumble article completed; Mumble replace Picard because more recent?
4) *NEW*: Installing Cinnamon spin article by Sylvia, needs review

Hey all,

This is a brief overview of the articles needing some attention or what 
needs to be done for this week to successfully on target.

=== LetsEncrypt article ===

The LetsEncrypt rewrite for the public availability is ready to go. It's 
more or less exactly what jhogarth originally had at the beginning of 
his article, with a footer paragraph added in. Content should be ready 
to go, but we need a featured image ASAP so we can publish for Monday.


=== systemd article ===
cydrobolt finished writing the next systemd article and I did some 
proofreading and revisions. I think the content there is good, but it 
seems like some extra content could be useful, maybe such as explaining 
the benefits of template unit files over the sysVinit alternate (I'm not 
quite technically informed enough to help out with this topic). :)

Other than maybe adding a little bit more, article seems good to me. It 
also needs a featured image


=== Mumble article ===
I also managed to get the Mumble article / interview finished tonight. 
Since this is more "recent" news, I think it might be better to get this 
published this week and opt to save the Picard article for later on in 
the month when most of us will be away.

As of now, it could use a second review and a featured image. Let me 
know what you think!


=== Installing Cinnamon spin article ===
One of our new contributors, Sylvia, has drafted a new article for the 
Magazine: "Installing the Fedora Cinnamon spin". I think this kind of 
article would be good for later in December. I haven't had a chance to 
look over it for editing yet, so if someone else wants to take a look, 
that would be helpful! Otherwise, I will likely be able to get around to 
it on Thursday or so.


That's all for now. Have a great week, everyone!

Justin W. Flory
jflory7 at gmail.com

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