[Social Media] Fedora Magazine/Fedora Community Blog Updates?

Justin W. Flory jflory7 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 18:10:35 UTC 2015

=                         Quick Summary                           =
1) Magazine articles do not automatically go to social media
2) I think they should - hook up Jetpack to do this?
3) CommBlog has its own Twitter account (@FedoraCommunity)
4) Possible to use a tag for special content to go to social media?

On 12/17/2015 09:50 AM, Brian Proffitt wrote:
> All:
> A while back I was notified that there was no need for me to schedule
> tweets of new content from Fedora Magazine, as that was done
> automatically. Lately, though, I have noted that this does not seem to
> be consistently working. Is this something I can do?
> Also, I have seen little consistency in the Fedora Community Blog
> content getting out on social media. I can handle that as needed, too.

This was actually something that we noticed in the CommOps meeting and I 
wanted to bring it up either at the meeting or the mailing list. I'm not 
sure if posts should be automatically scheduled to hit social media, but 
as of now, it's definitely a manual process.

Using Jetpack in WordPress, it's easy to hook up Facebook / Twitter / 
Google+ hooks so that articles are automatically pushed to the channels 
as soon as they go out. I think this is what we should have by default 
since the Magazine articles are fairly universal to whether they apply 
for users or contributors alike.

As for the CommBlog, it does actually have its own account 
(@FedoraCommunity), but occasionally there are articles that are pushed 
out that would be helpful to be shared across the official social media 
channels to get more eyes on them. I'm not sure if it's best to continue 
doing this manually or if we should use a tag to have posts go to social 
media (if that's possible?).

Just some of my thoughts!

Justin W. Flory
jflory7 at gmail.com

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