[Social Media] Fedora Magazine/Fedora Community Blog Updates?

Joe Brockmeier jzb at redhat.com
Thu Dec 17 18:32:17 UTC 2015

On 12/17/2015 01:22 PM, Justin W. Flory wrote:
> My concern about that is that not all of the content that is on the
> Community Blog might be of interest to the followers of the main
> accounts / pages. For example, some of the Flock articles. They're
> definitely of interest to contributors, but everyday users who don't
> interact with the community that often but still like Fedora may not be
> interested. The resulting effect that I would be worried about would be
> that things that do interest users and contributors alike might be
> drowned out by other content.

How do we distinguish between contributors who follow @fedora, potential
contributors, and "everyday users"?

If we were pushing out tons of content, I would agree with the idea we
shouldn't push everything to @fedora. The only iffy thing I'm seeing in
the timeline so far is possibly the election interviews. For one or two
days, yeah, that might be a lot from one account.

My general rule of thumb is no more than five to 10 tweets per day from
a project account, not including @replys that aren't seen by all. (I
would not want to ignore questions to a project via Twitter on the basis
of "oh, we've tweeted too much today." :-) )


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