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Fri Dec 18 10:36:12 UTC 2015

On 12/18/2015 05:33 AM, Sylvia Sánchez wrote:
> I think that what Davinia is saying is that her email  @fedoraproject
> isn't working.  I had never used it so I don't know.
> Does it works to others?  How can I access to its inbox?  Is it
> possible to configure it on an email programme like Thunderbird?
> Those are the questions, I think.

It's not really a real "email" as much as it is just an alias to an 
existing you email you already use. For example, when I send mail from 
my address, it is really sharing the same inbox and 
SMTP servers as my me at address. There is a little more 
info on this page:

 > Here should be  "Stay safe and cool"  We're in summer and it came TOO 
hot :(

I always forget it's opposite seasons in the opposite hemisphere. In 
that case, stay cold. :)

Justin W. Flory
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