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On Feb 6, 2015 7:57 AM, "Ryan Lerch" <rlerch at redhat.com> wrote:
> On 02/05/2015 10:54 PM, Glen Rundblom wrote:
>> Hello Marketing Group.
>> I have an article about DNF in the pending state. Could someone take a
few minutes and review it to see if it's something that would be good for
the magazine. I also made a little PNG graphic with Gimp script-fu if that
would be beneficial.
>> Thank you,
>> -Glen
> I just checked out your article, and it looks like a great concept for an
> It would be good to provide a lot more detail a couple of points that
would be nice to cover and fleshed out would be:
> * a brief explanation of what YUM/DNF actually are and do on a conceptual
level -- our audience range on the Magazine is kinda broad, so it would be
nice to have a sentence or two on this for people that might not know
exactly what a package manager does.
> * "DNF will have a lot more features, and new ways to operate." -- it
would be nice to list some of the changes and new features out in here --
as well as an explanation as to why DNF is better
> * comparing the sample commands might also be good too: something like:
>   "Searching for packages with DNF is basically the same as with yum. To
Search for the repositories for a package with DNF, use the command: sudo
dnf search nano, and dnf will return ..."
> * DNF is not the default in f21, so it would also be good to explain how
people can use it on f21 -- what package needs to be installed etc. I think
there is also a package that makes it so DNF is run when you type yum, so
this might be worth mentioning as well
> * Not sure when DNF is going to be the default, but it might be good to
try to find out if / when this is on the plans in Fedora for, and
mentioning that too.
> cheers,
> ryanlerch
> --

Since we're making bullet points on dnf for a broad audience, I also
suggest advising everyone to install dnf-plugins and explaining a bit about
the --best argument.  These two things make a huge difference to the dnf

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