Self-Introduction Michael Creekmore

Michael mrcreeks at
Fri Feb 6 21:47:27 UTC 2015

Hello list, 

My name is Michael Creekmore. I live in the Memphis, TN area in the USA,
My Fedora Account System (FAS) username is mrcreek and my IRC nickname
is mrcreek.

I learned about this group through searching for ways to contribute to
the community that creates the open source happiness that I use

I haven't worked for a FOSS projects before. 

My day job (IT, managed services) gives me a few hats to wear on a daily
basis. I am constantly assessing situations to mold new solutions for my
clients. I have to sell, and implement those solutions, which involves
me planning the project ahead of time. Basically my skills are being a
cradle to grave project sales person engineer. I promise that's a thing.

I have worked on marketing campaigns in a work related sense and know a
few basic concepts of the field. I would love learn more about
marketing, mainly for the purpose of spreading the fedora love.

 While my day job is basically the enemy of all that is holy, good, and
open source. I would love to bring my skills to the fedora project and
help share the fedora awesomeness in my community. 

What I would like to see in the fedora project is a strong presence in
education. I have had opportunities to teach home school co-op computer
classes. I've also worked for schools that have nothing but over priced
apple products for every child. In each place Fedora has a perfect fit
for learning.


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