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On 02/06/2015 05:11 PM, inode0 wrote:
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>>> >> It isn't a NASCAR thing and it is very commonly used for Did Not
>>> >> Finish (DNS is commonly used for Did Not Start similarly). Do a search
>>> >> for Boston Marathon and DNF and you'll see it all over the place.
>> >
>> > So friggin' what?  You'll remember that our update program is called "fedup".  Comparatively, at least this is an acronym.
>> > Now if dnf was renamed to fubar or snafu... then we might have a problem. :)
> I don't care what it is named and it makes no difference to me one way
> or another. Just confirming that for a lot of people this is in fact
> the first thing they will think of because it is in fact commonly used
> this way. And it isn't some NASCAR thing, whatever that was intended
> to convey.

Not sure debating the naming here is going to accomplish anything. If
you have a suggestion for a better name, maybe ping the developer(s) and
make the suggestion?

DNF didn't have any connotation for me, but it also doesn't express what
it does. But if we feel that the name could be better, then we should
ask the developers whether they're open to a new name, then make a
positive suggestion.


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