store numbers -- and, what's next?

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Sun Feb 8 21:16:32 UTC 2015

On 8 February 2015 at 02:02, Ruth Suehle <rsuehle at> wrote:

> > Ruth, is it premature to talk about what we'd like to see next?
> This may be a more important discussion to have with the Ambassadors, just
> so that it's understood that anything else we take on we are budgetarily
> responsible for buying up if it doesn't sell in a certain time frame (IIRC
> usually about a year). I agree that things have sold well so far, but that
> was right after the initial announcement. I'm hesitant to load up more
> things immediately until we see how it's doing a little longer-term than
> just a couple of weeks.
That is actually something that I have not heard in other people talking
about the store. Knowing that is very important because it does make sure
that whatever is branded has to be bought one way or another.

> >   - woman's cut t-shirt
> Definitely
> >   - a really nice backpack, like the ones the CentOS team had at FOSDEM
> This is the one I'd hesitate on the most, as they're quite expensive. I
> think it would depend heavily on what Staples' minimum would be.
Oh yeah. Those are premium backpacks.. they are hard to get even without
the CentOS logo. I believe those were a "Wow that would be great... Wow
there goes our quarterly budget." type deals.

Stephen J Smoogen.
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