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Mon Feb 9 15:18:49 UTC 2015

On 02/08/2015 09:40 AM, Trupti Kini wrote:
> Hi,
>     I have posted the article for publishing. How long it usually 
> takes for the review? I wanted to add images to the article but I 
> din't find *Add media* option. Can anyone please guide me?
> /*Regards,
> */
> Trupti Kini
> Research Assistant, FOSSEE
> Aerospace lab, IIT Bombay
> http://fossevangelist.blogspot.in/
Thanks for contributing to the Fedora Magazine, here are a few quick 
notes on your post:

* Maybe tighten up the headline / title of the post a bit to make it 
more news-y. Something like:
"Fedora community in Mumbai, India celebrates the Fedora 21 release" -- 
we have a global audience, so most won't know where or what "Homi Bhabha 
Centre for Science Education" is (i had to google it)

* I'd probably open the article with a bit of filler about what a 
release party is. Maybe something like:
"Every time a new release of Fedora becomes available, Fedora user 
communities around the world gather to share the new release with each 
other, upgrade their systems, and eat celebratory cake. In December, a 
release party was held at the..."

* With the content under the opening paragraph, it is a little hard to 
follow if some of the statements about Fedora (GNOME, Openstack etc), 
were said by the speakers you call out, or if they are just statements 
about the release.

* For an article like this, describing what the speakers talked about is 
good, but try not to get into too much detail. Some of the quotes you 
have there are good stuff to include too.


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